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Richard Zheng

Founder, CEO


Hi, my name is Tianying Zheng. I had an English name Peter, but my wife asked me to change it to Richard, because Richard incorporates the word Rich and she feels that would bring me luck to becoming a rich man.

So now I am Richard Zheng.

I lived, worked and studied in China for 36 years until, I, together with my wife and daughter moved to live in PEI, the birthplace of Canada. I am the co-Founder of CUCAS (, which is the world’s No.1 platform for international students applying for placement in China's universities.

The reason I founded New Career China is when I worked at CUCAS, many schools asked me whether I could recommend good teachers to them, and many CUCAS visitors asked us if we could find them a teaching position in China. I realize that both China’s schools and job seekers have the same difficulties finding each other and therefore need a professional service to bring them together.

Dong Zhou



My name is Dong Zhou. I was born in Shaanxi, in the Northwest China. Information is like the sea. It is very hard for you finding out the useful information.

More than 1,000 china’s schools and the organizations are recruiting foreign teachers. Which one is good for you? My mission is to make our website getting easier to use. I really care about your feeling with using our website.

Kim Couling.



My name is Kim and I am honored to join NCC and become part of this wonderful concept of bringing China into the lives of international teachers and students alike.

My journey started in London, UK, took me to boarding school, drama college, across the channel to Spain for two years and then to the place I call home, Canada, first Saskatchewan, then beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Along with numerous four legged friends, my experiences have given me the passion to help others take the steps to enhance your lives by going to work in an amazing and prosperous country, to you will achieve self-fulfillment and memories to last a lifetime.

Iris Wan



Hi everyone, I'm Iris. I am graduated from Communication University of China in 2007, majored in Urdu, the Pakistan national language. I worked at Tsinghua University from 2009 to 2016, which is the No.1 University in China.

I know it is not easy for a foreigner to work overseas. You will face lots of problems you didn’t have. I am ready here to offer my warm and professional advice, to help you have a unique teaching experience in China.

Zhiwen Chen

Editor-in-Chief, China Education Online



Mr. Chen was graduated from Renmin University of China. Now he is working as the Editor-in-Chief at China Education Online. Mr. Chen is a famous educator and he is the talent of many government department of education.