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At any time during this procedure, you can contact us by email, Skype or live chat.

1. Fill out our online form, which enables us, from the data you provide, to give you a personalized service to fit your needs.

2. One of our counselors will contact you to discuss the information you have given, and to get a better understanding of your ideas about working in China. We will determine if you have seen any positions that interest you.

A video will be requested at this time, just introducing yourself and a summary of what you have done up to yet, as if you were addressing a classroom of students. The reason for this is because, it enables prospective schools to see you  and listen to your voice. This enhances your chances of a better paid job and often, takes the place of an interview.

3. At this point we will ask your permission to send the video and your information to prospective employers.

4. Once the information has been sent, all interested parties will come back to us, we will then send you these opportunities and convey, what we feel, is the right job for you, given the discussions we have previously had.

5. On decision of which posts are favorable, those schools will then be able to contact you directly, to discuss terms, documents needed and all finer details. What makes our service different, is that for us it does not end there!

We are committed to continue being your support system and will follow your journey with interest, to always be here if you need our help or just to say hi!