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China is looking for teachers and an Islander is trying to help

Richard Zheng hopes to connect job seekers from all over the world

Published on May 7, 2017                            


Richard Zheng, of Stratford, has opened a new business in P.E.I. to connect job seekers with job opportunities in China. Zheng offers a general and tailor made service. For more information visit


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Richard Zheng’s new online business will connect job seekers with job opportunities in China.  


Zheng’s website advertises teaching opportunities at various Chinese institutions from kindergarten to colleges and universities.

The website also provides a step by step process on how to apply for these jobs and an article titled, ‘Five Biggest Mistakes Foreign Teachers in China Wish They’d Known Earlier’.

“I can help the job seekers find all the Chinese school recruiter information on one site,” said Zheng, who is originally from Beijing, but now lives in Stratford, P.E.I. “It will save them time and money.”

Zheng already has a wealth of knowledge and contacts when it comes to post secondary institutions in his home country.

Zheng is the co-founder of CUCAS, a university and college admission system for students seeking to study abroad.

When Zheng worked at CUCAS, he said he had many inquiries from Chinese schools looking for teachers and visitors looking for teaching positions in China.

Seeing this challenge, Zheng decided to create a professional service in P.E.I. called New Career China to focus on just that- connecting job seekers and institutions.

“I’m good in this field,” said Zheng. “I’m good at communicating and I have a good relationship with the schools in China.”

Zheng provides a general and tailor made service at his office in Charlottetown.

The general service will have job information on the website where job seekers can apply directly to the schools of their choice and its free.  

The tailor made service is a one-on-one service where job seekers share their requirements with Zheng and he finds that perfect fit whether it be for long or short term teaching positions.

Zheng said there is a growing demand for foreign teachers in China and he hopes to provide a platform and avenue for them.

And although Zheng loves P.E.I. and hopes to live here with is family for a long time, he feels there are many reasons why people should experience life in China.

Zheng’s eyes light up as he talks about the sight seeing opportunities for foreign teachers. He says weekends can be filled with landmark sites like the Great Wall to the Yellow River to seeing iconic images like the native panda and Chinese dragons.

“China is diverse- the culture, the food, the history and the people,” said Zheng.

Zheng said living expenses tend to be very high in Beijing or Shanghai, but that living expenses are relatively low in medium size cities with population sizes between 200,000-500,000.

“The foreign teachers are very (very) highly respected by the Chinese people,” said Zheng. “People are willing to make friends with them and help them.”


He adds that the wages for a teacher in China are respectable and would provide a “good quality of life”.  The school information, job information and requirements are listed on his website.


For more information or to look for job opportunities visit  


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