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BDW Foreign Language School

Location: Changchun, (Salary: RMB8,000 plus benefits)

Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

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School Name

BDW Foreign Language School

School Type

Language School



Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information


ESL Teacher



Preferable start date


Working hours / week


Student age


Class size

Maximum of 20

Salary and benefits

RMB 8,000 /month

Overtime Allowance


Vacation with Pay

30 days


No free apartment

Health Insurance


Flight Allowance

No, but there is a 7000 RMB yearly bonus

Working Visa Assistance






Under 60

Education Background

University Degree

Teaching Experience


Tefl / Tesol Required


About School:

BDW Foreign Language School was established in 2000. We have a long history of teaching English as a foreign language to young Chinese kids; some of whom have now graduated from some of China's top universities or are studying overseas. We have 5 branches in Changchun, Jilin province. We are committed to our teachers and provide full support throughout their stay, with a dedicated Foreign Affairs Officer. Changchun has a large ex-pat community and an excellent nightlife.

We have a total of 20+ English teachers working for us at any one time, whom we train and support throughout their stay with us. We have established links and partnerships with local schools and universities for the provision of exchange programs. We are SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) licensed and provide legal z (Work) visas and a fair contract. We pride ourselves in balancing a great working environment for teachers as well as giving teachers the opportunity to be a part of this great country and city. We're flattered that a number of our teachers arrive as a recommendation via existing staff. Many teachers have stayed at BDW for more than 5 years, the best testament of our commitment to our students, staff and community.

Our Teachers on Currently


Hello, I’m Jimmy – I was born London. I’ve always had an innate wanderlust. When I was 3 years old I ran away from home - my mother found me in the cab of a huge lorry behind the wheel.  After that she was in the habit of tying me to the kitchen table. I studied psychology at university and this coupled with my journey down life’s path has made me realise people are strange and occasionally interesting.

After working for a large UK company for a number of years the wanderlust kicked in again so I travelled to many a new and interesting place and met many strange people. I even worked as a gaucho (cowboy) on a sheep and cattle ranch in Uruguay. Teaching English was always on my radar and I had a wonderful experience completing a CELTA course in Buenos Aires last year. I like Changchun as the people are down to earth, friendly and only a little bit strange! I’d certainly recommend BDW as it’s a safe port of call in the stormy seas of ESL teaching.



I’m from Québec, Canada and I always wanted to travel in Asia, particularly in China, to discover these cultures that are so different from ours. I did my bachelor degree in Physics and here I am in Changchun, teaching English and French, for a one-year gap before continuing my studies. I really enjoy the teaching job! It is motivating to see these kids, sometimes starting from nothing, being able to speak to you in your language after some weeks, with the big smile on their faces. Moreover, the staff working at the school are welcoming and helpful and the work atmosphere is always very pleasant.

The city of Changchun is lovely. There are lots of parks, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, … and the local people are extremely sociable. There is so much to discover here!! (I’m not sure one year will be enough)

Samuel from Québec, Canada


Why do I teach ESL?  Teaching in any context is fun and rewarding, and adding the experience of another culture makes life so much more interesting!

I returned to BDW, after teaching in other places, because I enjoy working for people who care about their teachers and students.  The school environment, and student-tailored curriculum, suits my teaching style and personality.  BDW understands how to accommodate the needs of their foreign staff, and help you live life smoothly during your time here.

Changchun is a city with nice parks, a diverse range of eating and entertainment options, and laid-back locals and ex-pats.  It's a large city, but with a less frenetic feel than Beijing and Shanghai (and less expensive lifestyle), and never a dull moment!



I joined BDW in February 2010 as a foreign teacher.  I have been travelling since I graduated university in 2006.  I have worked in the hospitality business in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  This is my first time travelling and working in Asia.

I love animals, especially the two kittens I bought in China, and I desperately miss my horse, Grace, who I left back home in Indiana.  I love reading books (if you come to work here, please bring books!!  I need more books to read!) and watching movies and TV (China is brilliant for buying cheap movies and television series!)

Changchun is a great city!  You can always find lots of things to do.  But the best part is that there are plenty of cheap, delicious places to eat.  I am getting a kick out of discovering all of the great Chinese food.  I think I find something new to love every time I go out to eat!

The BDW team is a wonderful and welcoming group of people.  They immediately made me feel part of the team.  Someone from BDW is always there for you: whether it is to help you with your classes or to go out and have a good time!


Picture I’m 27 years old.  I come from a village in the French Alpes called “La Motte D’aveillans” next to Grenoble.  After getting my BA in Business and Marketing in 2006 I left France to live in Ireland for a year.  I then travelled and worked in hospitality in Australia and New Zealand for a little over a year.

I have been a teacher at BDW since February 2010 and really enjoy it!  It is a new world to me and seeing my students improving is very rewarding.  I like living in China and the challenge that comes with living here.  And the food is good - you can trust a Frenchman! :)     


Picture I'm Emma - I'm from Zimbabwe and I'm in China to learn a little more about this incomparable place. ESL teaching is a pretty decent gig... I have time to explore this city (mainly by getting lost); learn Mandarin; cook/eat Chinese food; and of course sit on my sofa and watch movies with my friends/colleagues.

Changchun is the perfect balance between being able to find Western essentials (Pasta! Croissants! Tequila!) while still being immersed in Chinese language and culture.


Picture I was born in Washington DC with my bloodline originating from Mexico and Spain.  I started teaching ESL in 2002 to Mexican children in the US.

In search of a new challenge I started traveling and make my way to Mexico City where I taught English for about 18 months.  One day I flew to the Philippines to visit friends and I ended up teaching English once again for a further six months.  I liked living in Asia and made my way into China.  I have fallen in love with Changchun and its people, who are friendly and very welcoming.  I have now been here for over three years.  It’s good to be here ;-)