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Shenzhen International School

Location: Shenzhen (Salary RMB 20,000-30,000 after tax)


Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

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School Name

Shenzhen Academy of International Education

School Type

International School



Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information

Positions & Vacancies

2 ELA teachers

1 Science teacher

1 biology teacher,

1 social science teacher (Geography or International relation or world history)

Preferable start date


Working hours / week

35 hrs/week

Student age


Salary and benefits

RMB 20,000-30,000 /month (after tax)

Overtime Allowance

No, but if teachers work overtime, for compensation school will offer a half day off.

Vacation with Pay




Health Insurance


Flight Allowance


Working Visa Assistance






Lesson than 55

Accept Non-English native


Education Background

BA at least

Teaching Experience

More than 2 years

Tefl / Tesol Required


Additional Requirement

The applicants’ major in University should be consistent with the position they apply


About School














Shenzhen Academy of International Education (SAIE) is a college preparatory school located in Guangdong, the southern province of China (bordering Hong Kong). Current enrollment ranges from 7th to 12th grade. SAIE is focusing on educating and preparing Chinese students to attend colleges and universities abroad (primarily in the USA and Canada). SAIE is licensed by Chinese government to operate as a full-time private Day and Boarding school. Academically, SAIE has been approved by the Accrediting Commission for schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges of the United States, as a Candidate for Accreditation (grade 7 through 12).


We have offered AP courses and SAT Subject Test-comparable courses in school year 2016-17. SAIE has taken steps to integrate American Common Core Curriculum and modern teaching ICT. SAIE grows from outstanding educational, academic and intellectual pedigree of China. Founders of SAIE includes founding members of Shenzhen College of International Education, widely recognized as the best international school for domestic Chinese students in China, as well as college professors and world-class researcher from Bell Laboratories, USA. In two short years, SAIE has garnered multiple highly acclaimed international accolades: University of Waterloo International Math Competition from Canada, American International Public Policy Forum Essay/Debate Contest, American Scholastic Art and Writing Contest, and UK Young Writers contest.


Shenzhen Academy of International School (SAIE) was founded in 2014 by a team of elite educators in China who share entrepreneurial spirits and ideals of developing a School that offers the best International Education and College Preparatory Experience for US- and Canada-bound students. We aim to cultivate a new group of outstanding talents feeding the Top Universities and Colleges in the United States and Canada. Team members include Principal from the world-renowned Gifted and Talented program of University of Sciences and Technologies of China (USTC). Among the founders, Mr. Zhu Yuan, is a legendary figure in China’s Modern History of Education, head of the Talented and Gifted Teen Program in University of Sciences and Technologies of China for more than 20 years. He produced more than 200 outstanding Professors in US Top-Ranked Colleges and Universities, two US Academy of Sciences Fellows, and One IEEE fellow.