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AHSJU and Livon (Russian and Ukrainian Teachers wanted)

Location: Changchun (Salary RMB 10,000/M on 18 teaching hours per week)


School Information

School Name

AHSJU and Livon

School Type

From kindergarten to Middle School


Changchun, Jilin Province

Job Information


Russian and Ukrainian Teachers

for music, dancing, P.E., science and art teachers.



Teaching duration

Sep.2017 to Aug. 2018

Working hours / week

40 minutes for each class and 18 classes per week.

Student age

From kindergarten to Middle school

Salary and benefits

Around RMB 10,000 per month, and should be negotiated face to face.

Overtime Allowance


Vacation with Pay

There are summer and winter vacations each year.

Working Visa Assistance






No requirement

Accept Non-English native

√ Yes

Education Background

An internationally-admitted bachelor degree

Teaching Experience


Tefl / Tesol Required

√ No

Additional Requirement

Applicants should have obtained a teacher qualification. Their nationality should be Russia or Ukraine.

English as the teaching language will be preferable.

For those who have a good teaching performance, they can be employed as long-term English Teachers, whose contracts can be renewed by year, or they can work as short-term teachers.


About School



For over twenty years, we have been through twists and turns. Nights and day, we are determined to create a new era.


Education concept and history act as the indispensable spirit of a school. With over twenty years’ inheritance, accumulation and innovation, AHSJU has created a remarkable glory and AHSJU&LIVON has begun a new era.



Since 1989, with the motto of “respecting morality and dreams,bearing responsibility for the country, pursuing excellence and constantly fighting for the first”, AHSJU has devoted itself to cultivating the future model citizens and leaders of all social classes, laying a solid foundation for fostering the prospective zealous scientists, ideologists and scholars.


For the twenty-five years AHSJU has founded, its advanced teaching concepts have attracted education experts from home and abroad and has gradually formed the strongest teachers team in the whole country. With special-class teachers and academic leaders serving as its center, the team becomes a high-level and high-academic group.


From the starting point of students’ comprehensive development and “creating advantageous conditions for students’ development”, AHSJU has practiced stratified teaching, case-based teaching, optional teaching, students’ lecture and sunshine sports activities. In the process of cultivating students, AHSJU has also started the “celebrity lectures”, “tutorial system” and has founded “psychological counseling room”.



For the twenty-five years AHSJU has founded, it has remained No.1 concerning excellent rate in senior high school entrance examination for twenty-three years and has cultivated the first scholar in the exam for consecutive 9 years. The number of high-grades students in AHSJU is far ahead of those in other senior high schools and its enrollment rate remains 100%.


In order to push forward education modernization, explore mixing teaching development, broaden teachers’ development platform, break through traditional teaching concepts and enable students to think freely and possess enthusiasm, AHSJU&LIVON is established with 7 million RMB funds in the historic development and educational evolution environment.


Having attracted part of teachers’ team from AHSJU as its backbone force, AHSJU&LIVON is equipped with professional, informational, international and advanced teaching facilities, creating the best experimental environment and teaching equipment for students’ development.


AHSJU&LIVON devotes itself to fostering domestic high-quality education brand and international high-edged course, putting forward the aim of “letting each child’s life turn to a successful and brilliant story, each teacher an excellent model, each parent an educationally capable parent”. Under the guidance of such target, AHSJU&LIVON is striving to cultivate the students who develop comprehensively, regard excellence as a habit and are good at thinking and reflecting; the teachers who boast advanced ideas and teaching methods, respect education and are willing to sacrifice. At the same time, the foundation of parents academy strengthens family education’s importance in children’s development.   


Twenty years’ nurture, twenty years’ cultivation, twenty years’ consolidation, we become stronger because of the splendid history, we become steadier because of the inherited civilization, we become more endurable because of the innovative awareness. Therefore, AHSJU&LIVON sincerely welcome you, those who determine to become extraordinary talents, to join us and create new splendor!

An Introduction of Kindergarten of AHSJU and Livon

Changchun Attached High School of Jilin University Livon Campus Kindergarten attached to AHSJU, is a private kindergarten featuring multi-language teaching and forest exploration activities. This Kindergarten, carefully designed by Canadian IBI company ranking the world's fifth, covers an area of 15,000 square meters, with two indoor activity area, two outdoor grounds, a large outdoor dedicated forest area, which can accommodate 30 classes. The Kindergarten has fully functional, warm, comfortable modern teaching facilities and equipment. With science exploration, art teaching, social practice as the theme, complemented by extensive activity area, living experience area, planting and breeding area, and large game and other equipment, the Kindergarten is committed to creating international elites and leaders with independent thing ability, bold self-confidence and more responsibility. Changchun Attached High School of Jilin University Livon Campus Kindergarten provides a one-stop education service, from kindergarten, primary school to middle school, achieving a seamless link, creating a healthy and happy childhood for all the children, and laying a solid foundation for their happy life.