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Acabridge College in Shanghai

Location: Shanghai (Salary RMB 20,000 plus benefits)


School Information

School Name

Acabridge College

(Owned by Xuetong Education)

School Type

International School



Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information





Preferable start date

As soon as possible

Working hours / week

Working Day:From Tuesday to Saturday

Off Day: Sunday & Monday

Teaching Hour:28 maximum/week

Working Hour:40 hours/week

Student age


Salary and benefits

RMB 20,000 /month

Overtime Allowance


Vacation with Pay

Yes, but no summer or winter holidays

22days(11 Chinese public holiday &5 days Christmas holiday, 6 days Annual leave)


Allowance RMB 3,000/Month

Health Insurance


Flight Allowance

Yes (After one year)

Working Visa Assistance

√ Yes






Accept Non-English native


Education Background

Bachelor Degree or above

Teaching Experience

Over One year

Tefl / Tesol Required


Additional Requirement

  • 4 Year College Degree (Bachelors equivalent or higher)

  • TESOL or TEFL 120+ Hour Teaching Certification (if  have, will get allowance)

  • 1+ year minimum teaching experience, 2+ years preferred

  • Experience in related fields will be taken into consideration

  • Positive ethos, creativity and a passion to make a difference in student lives, strong factors

  • NATIVE English Speaker from USA, Canada, UK, British Territories, Australia

  • Unique circumstances may be taken into consideration

  • Accent and pronunciation will be taken into account during interview process

  • Full Time( 5 Working days, 2 off day per week)

Working place

  • 7F,No.199,Yangzhai Road,Changning district,Shanghai( near Line3 or Line4,Hongqiao Station)

  • 5D,5F,NO.121,Jiangsu Road,Changning district,Shanghai(near Line2 or Line 11, Jiangsu Road station)

About Xuetong Education   

Xuetong Education (Shanghai) is a tutoring institute founded by a number of doctoral degree holders from Tongji University. The company's core business is, first, to help the middle and high school students get admitted to the international schools as well as offering a great variety of the training sessions on different subjects; second, to train teachers for the international schools in Shanghai; third, to compile, develop and update the teaching materials according to the international curricula. Since establishment, the company has devoted ceaseless efforts to the research and development of the international curricula. By far, Xuetong Education has formed a standardized staff-training system, cultivated dozens of the professional teachers for the international schools in Shanghai, and published its own branded textbooks of IGCSE, A-Level and IB curricula.


Xuetong Education offers IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and AP courses, covering all the subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Business, Psychology, Film and Computer Science, etc. Meanwhile, the A-Level full-time one-on-one tailored course program is also available for the students who want to get prepared for the CIE and Edexcel examinations.


Xuetong Education established its three teaching centers respectively in Changning, Pudong, Hongkou districts in Shanghai, with about 600 students having studied here, students taking the online courses included. There are over 40 full-time employees and over 60 part-time staffs working for Xuetong Education at present. In recent years, the training performance and business achievements of Xuetong Education have been rising year by year, maintaining the second place in terms of market share in international education field.           


As a trailblazer and bellwether in the field of international education in Shanghai, Xuetong Education has built a solid foundation in international education through many years of research and practice, gaining a good number of experienced teachers and an increasing number of students. Moreover, Xuetong Education also serves as a platform for providing operations and services for schools in different areas, which include curriculum development, teacher recruitment, teacher training and management, supervision of teaching quality, and daily operation management, etc. As a result, support and warrant for the development of the international education from Xuetong Education are available for all parts in China.


2. Core Teaching Team of Xuetong Education


The company was founded by a number of doctoral degree holders from Tongji University. Apart from it, most of the teachers in Xuetong Education have studied overseas, whose majors ranging from Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry to English literature and Economics and so on. Xuetong Education values the quality of teachers, and has kept a qualified, responsible and professional teaching team.


Shen Xing is one of the founders of the company. He graduated from Tongji University, where he received his doctor degree in the College of Civil Engineering. He began his career of international education in 2010. Regarded as one of the forerunners in this field in China, he is now a senior teacher and counselor in Xuetong Education. He has taught more than 300 students in the past 6 years, many of whom are now studying in top-tier universities like Oxford and Cambridge.


Sun Chen graduated from Tongji University with the doctor degree in Medicine. He is now a senior biology and medicine teacher. Having begun his teaching career in 2011, , he understands international education very well and has developed a unique teaching style with years of teaching experience of IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and AP biology and medicine. At present, he is in charge of both the curriculum development and human resources in this company.


As for Chen Zhou, the key teacher in charge of history teaching, Master of the University of Kansas; double majors in Chinese Literature and Economics from Peking University; with 5 Years of experience in international education, and consulting and tutoring in U.S. school application, she teaches in a distinct and charismatic manner, full of humor and fun.


The core members in Xuetong Education are all experienced teachers and consultants who have worked in the international education industry for years. By far, over 600 students have studied here. The doctoral degree holders majoring in a variety of disciplines, as the core team, have not only excelled in learning and researching, but also been devoted to the professional teaching model of the international curriculum and the standardization of international school teacher training. So far, we have cultivated over ten international curriculum teachers, and also set up the training base of the international teachers in cooperation with the Association of the International Educators, outputting quality international teachers to the international schools from place to place.