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Jiangxi University of Technology

Location: Nanchang, (Salary RMB 7,500-8,500 plus free apartment)


Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

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School NameJ

Jiangxi University of Technology

School Type



Nanchang, Jiangxi province

Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information


Oral English Teacher



Preferable start date


Working hours / week

16 or 18 hours

Student age


Salary and benefits

RMB    7,500 /month for 16 hours  

8,000 /month for 18 hours

Overtime Allowance


Vacation with Pay

1-1.5 months between semesters

Travel allowance RMB3,500


Free Apartment

Health Insurance

University will cover

Flight Allowance

Flight purchased by university from city designated by teacher to Nanchang.

Other Benefits

free transportation to and from university, utilities paid for or assisted,

Working Visa Assistance







Accept Non-English native


Education Background

Any university education

Teaching Experience

2 years

Tefl / Tesol Required

No but desired

Additional Requirement

Prefer healthy teachers

About School


Jiangxi University of Technology is a comprehensive university approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Formerly known as Jiangxi Blue Sky University, it was established in 1994. Since then, JXUT has been taking the path of high-quality and characteristic education. It has cultivated more than 200,000 graduates and won the different honor from all of the society. Located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, JXUT enjoys perfect campus condition, strong and high level education system and distinguishing feature.  The campus is located in Yaohu University Zone of Nanchang City, covering about 1300 square meters. There are generally 2.6 million books in the university library. Due to decades’ development, JXUT has expanded its teaching and research fields to Engineering, Nursing, Art, Education, Management, Economics, Literature and Laws. There are about 38,000 students and 3,000 faculty and staff on the campus. During the past five years,JXUT has ever hired 62 foreign teachers in total.


JXUT focuses on practical skills and professional relevance. There are 17 practical training centers, including Vehicle Technology Center, Mechanic Foundational Experiment Center, Computer Technology Laboratory, Modern Production Technology Center, Clothing Design and Fabrication Center, Artistic Design and Implementation Center, Software and Internet Technology Center, Practical Nursing Center, Music and Dance Stadium, Basic Electrical Experiment Laboratory, Civil Engineering Center, Electrical Technology Center, Management Demonstration Center, Dynamic Laboratory, Basic Science Laboratory, Language Practice Center, and Physical Training Stadium.


JXUT enrolls students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China. There are 31 undergraduate majors and 35 college majors which include automobile service engineering, vehicle engineering, civil engineering, engineering management, material science and engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mechanical engineering, marketing, accounting, financial management, logistics management, human resources management, tourism management, business administration, English, international economics and trade, Japanese, communication engineering, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, visual communication design, environment design, animation, music, dance, clothes and costume design, nursing, journalism, radio and TV editing and directing, pre-school education and social work, etc.


According to the university-running requirements of building a characteristic university, opening characteristic majors and cultivating really skilled students, it has formulated and improved a series of rules and regulations related to leadership and decision-making, democratic management and teaching management. JXUT has vigorously carried forward the “six projects” including project of cultivating famous teachers, project of developing brand majors, project of building fine courses, project of constructing experiment teaching demonstration centers, project of collecting education resources for on-line education and the project of education and teaching research and application centers. JXUT has constantly improved the mode and environment of talent cultivation so as to empower students to have advantages to find a good job and have capabilities to carve out.


Mr. Yu Guo, the founder of the university is a representative of the 9th, 10th and 11th National People’s Congresses and a member of the 12th Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress. He has won the honorary titles including “Top 10 Outstanding Young People of China”, “National Model Worker”, “National Excellent Educator”, “Top 10 Outstanding Builders on the 30th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up of Jiangxi Province”.

JXUT was widely recognized by the society for its outstanding education achievements, and it has won a lot of titles of honor for many times including “Advanced Institution for Graduate Employment among all the Institutions of Jiangxi Province”, “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee of China”, “Advanced Institution for Self-taught Examination of Higher Education of China”, “Advanced Unit for Vocational Education of China”, “Advanced Group for Ideological and Political Education work of University Students of Jiangxi Province”, “Garden-style Institution of Jiangxi Province” and “Top 10 Harmonious Universities of Jiangxi Province”.