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Qingdao Smile Foreign Language School

Location: Qingdao City (Salary RMB 12,000-20,000 plus benefits)


Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

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School Name

Qingdao Smile Foreign Language School

School Type

Language School


Qingdao, Shandong province

Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information


English teacher



Preferable start date


Working hours / week

4-5   Days per week

sometime is flexible.(1 day is flexible every week)

Student age

4-16 years old(no high school classes now but it may be opened in the future.)

Salary and benefits

Native speaker:

The probationary period: RMB 12,000-16,000;

After probationary:RMB.14,000-20,000

The excellent teacher can be improved according to the ability and experiences.

Nonnative speaker:

The probationary period: RMB 10,000-12,000;

After probationary: RMB12,000-15,000.

The excellent teacher can be improved according to the ability and experiences.

Overtime Allowance

80 RMB/hour for extra hours which are not within the contract

Vacation with Pay

Party B will have the return home vacation (with paid) for 20 days from the end of September 2018 to early October 2018,Foreign teacher’s leaving time that should be according to the working time that needs the approval of the Department's leadership’s. If there are special circumstances, in accordance with the excess leave for personal affair to process.

After each full contract period (one year), the foreign teacher can arrange a vacation. Under the premise of a year in the renewal of the labor contract, can enjoy annual leave in September. As the annual leave in September 2018, to continue to have it that should be in the case of the labor contract signed in 2019.


One bedroom with one living room apartment provided or

housing allowance of 1,500RMB/month

Health Insurance

After signing a formal labor contract, the school will buy commercial insurance for foreign teachers called Personal Accident Insurance (details subject to the specific policy).

The annual premium is about 1,680 RMB which will be borne as follows: 50% of the insurance premium borne by Smile School the remaining 50% borne by the teacher individually which will be deducted from the first month's salary after signing the contract.

Flight Allowance

Airfare Allowance: RMB 6,000 per year

Other Benefits

The same holiday welfare and gifts as smile teachers during Chinese traditional festivals.

Working Visa






22-45years old

Accept Non-English native


Education Background

Bachelor or above

Teaching Experience

Above 1 year;

No experience can be considered accordingly.

Tefl / Tesol Required


Additional Requirement

Good moral quality and no Crime Record