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American Eagle Institute Luwan Campus

Location: Shanghai (Salary RMB 14,000-15,000 plus accommodation allowance RMB 4,000, and lots of benefits)


Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

We don’t charge fee from Candidates, our mission is to help the schools recruit qualified teachers and they will pay us. Like us on Facebook>>

School Name

American Eagle Institute Luwan Campus

School Type

Language School



Current number of foreign teachers


Job Information


English Teacher



Working hours / week


Student age


Salary and benefits

RMB 14,000-15,000/month

Overtime Allowance

Compensated leave

Vacation with Pay

5 days


Allowance RMB 4,000/Month

Health Insurance


Other Benefits

Attendance bonus RMB 600,

Monthly bonus RMB 400

Quarterly bonus RMB 5,000

RMB 5,000 completion bonus for one year contract and RMB 9,000 for two years contract

RMB 1750 for relocation reimbursement for hotel stay

Working Visa Assistance







Accept Non-English native


Education Background

Bachelor degree

Teaching Experience

At least over 1 year

Tefl / Tesol Required


Meet Teachers (Video)




About School


American Eagle’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters was founded in 1999 by Stephanie Sun (CEO) and Elsa Wey (President) in what is considered the Silicon Valley of Taiwan - HsinChu Science Park. The company, Eagle Educational & Cultural Enterprises, Ltd. (EECE) was established with the vision of improving Asia’s English education to increase the competitive advantage of Asian students in the global world.

Shortly after the establishment of EECE a partnership was created with McGraw-Hill, a renowned American publishing company, to uphold the promise of providing quality English curriculum. Eagle’s commitment and dedication to continuously improving its curriculum has kept it on the leading edge of the ESL sector.

EECE is here to reinvent the public’s view on English education. Traditionally, English has always been considered a subject students learn at school, where rote memorization of vocabulary was more important than the spoken application of these words. Since the establishment of EECE, the company has been trying to reintroduce English as a language rather than simply a school subject. We believe that English is a language people should use to express opinions and to share ideas. Without the ability to apply the English language in our everyday interactions with English speakers, the purpose of learning a new language would be lost.

Our Primary Goal


At EECE, we specialize in teaching English as a second language to children in Asia. Our primary goal is to develop a method of language learning which allows children to listen, speak, read, and to write in English without having to translate from their native language. We do this first by introducing an immersion style of learning where only English is permitted inside the classroom. In order to create a true immersion classroom environment, EECE schools only hire native English speaking teachers. These teachers are there to not only provide a means for students to learn English, but they also provide a channel for the students to understand different western cultures.

Our Breakthrough


In Asia, there is a strong focus on writing and reading English but the cost is the essence of the language – the ability to speak to others in English. “Mute English” and “translated English” are some of the few Chinese sayings that people use to describe those who learn English but lack the ability to communicate in English. “Mute English” refers to the difficulty of ESL students to orally communicate with a native-English speaker. “Translated English” refers to the one of the biggest problem of ESL training, where English is merely a word-by-word translation of one’s mother tongue, not a language with context and culture.

In our battle to eliminate “mute English” and “translated English”, we have created immersion learning classrooms, adopted North American English curriculum standards, and also pioneered the use of a spiral curriculum and a WRITE C teaching method.

With program standards aligned to those of North America, students in Asia can now fulfill the dream of learning to speak English fluently without the expense of going abroad.

Our Partners


To fulfill our promise to provide the best North American style of education, we have built a close partnership with McGraw-Hill, one of the largest publishers of textbooks in America. American Eagle has the exclusive right to distribute their New Dimension English textbook series in Asia. EECE also collaborates with other educational groups such as Scholastic, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and Houston Association for Space and Science Education.