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Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Location: Wuhan (Salary: RMB6,500 plus benefits)

Wuhan University of Science & Technology

Apply for this position:

1. Send email to Richard via ( the email shall including the  job link,  your CV, One picture, Self-Introduce Video, etc.)

2. Wait for the notice of interview

3. Making interview with the school

4. Discuss the contract terms, Sign the contract with the school

5. Succeed

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School Name

Wuhan University of Science and Technology

School Type

Public University



Job Information


English Teacher

Preferable start date


Working Hours per week


Student Grade

Undergraduate / postgraduate

Student Age


Class Size

Around 40

Salary and Benefits

RMB 8,000

Overtime Allowance


Vacation with Pay

Winter holiday RMB 1,500 per month

Summer holiday RMB 6,500


Free apartment

Health Insurance


Flight Allowance

RMB 12,000 per year

Travel allowance RMB 2,400

Working Visa Assistance






Under 60

Education Background

At least bachelor degree

Teaching Experience

At least two years

Tefl / Tesol

Not required for English native speaker

Additional Requirement

The education certificate shall be authorized


Counselor: Kim Couling

Nationality: British

Skype: newcareerchina

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About School

Wuhan University of Science & Technology, key university with central and provincial administrative condominium, lies in Wuhan City, known as the national thoroughfare. It can be traced from Craftwork School launched in 1898(in the end of Qing Dynasty) by Zhang Zhidong, Governor General of Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. It was renamed in 1958 as Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel, and in 1995, Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel, Wuhan Junior College of Construction and Wuhan Junior Medical College of Metallurgical Industry, were incorporated into Wuhan University of Metallurgic Science and Technology. The present name came into being in 1999.

Our university covers an area of 1,803,900 square meters (2705.81 mu). The total building area of our university is 1,039,400 square meters. The total number of various all-day students is 24764. We have fine school-running conditions here. We have a large group of teachers who are highly qualified and well-structured, with high academic standard and noble morality. Among them are 1510 professional teachers. Of all the teachers, 78.96% hold either a doctoral or a Master's degree, 40.74% hold professorship or associate professorship. Among the teachers are 4 joint-appointed academicians of China's Engineering Academy, 9 specially appointed professors honored as “Chutian Scholars”, 17 of them enjoy a reputation of “Project of People of Talents of Nation's and Hubei Province's Hundred Best, Thousand Best, and Ten Thousand Best”, 4 of them are National Excellent Teachers, 1 of them is a Provincial Best-Known Teacher, 23 of them are “Bao Gang Excellent Education Fund Teachers”, 16 of the are young and middle-aged experts who have done outstanding contributions, and 57 enjoy special allowance awarded by the State Council of the PRC or that of Hubei Province. We have advanced teaching and research equipments in our university. More than 2,750,000 volumes of books are in store in the library. Advanced information net covers every corner of the university. The total cost of all the teaching instruments adds up to more than ¥20 million. We have 32 research sections, an attached hospital of the best standard. All these provide a rich background for nurturing people of talents, doing scientific research and serving the society.

Here in our university we have designed most branches of learning with a distinction of specialties. Students here mainly major in engineering with a combination of engineering and science. The branches of learning cover such categories as science, engineering, medical science, liberal arts, economics, law. These branches of learning develop with coordination. There are 15 colleges offering undergraduate education, including 49 specialties.

According to an issue, released in 2006, by the Center of Academic Degree and Graduate Education of the Educational Department of the PRC, two disciplines of Level I, Metallurgical Engineering and Mining Engineering, have carved way into National Top 10, and 9 disciplines of Level II, Mechanics, Mechanic Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Chemistry Engineering and Technology, Business Administration and Public Administration have carved way into National Top 50. Our university is an authorized unit of doctoral degree research, with two postdoctoral research stations. They are Metallurgical Engineering and Mechanic Engineering. We have also six doctoral degree programs. They are Material Science, Iron and Steel Metallurgy, Mechanic Design and Principle, Mechanic Electronic Engineering, Chemical Arts, Control Theory and Control Engineering. We also have 52 Master's degree programs, 11 Engineering Master's degree programs. We have a national key (under cultivation) discipline, 27 provincial key disciplines. Now we have firmly established a multi-stratification of educational system with undergraduate and postgraduate.

Our university has a strong research power, unique advantages, especially in Iron and Steel Metallurgy, Chemical Material, Mechanic Controlling. We have built close link with 8 big enterprises such as “Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp”, “Handan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp”, “Lianyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp”, “Liuzhou Iron and Steel (Group) Corp”. We have also built strategic partnership with Shiyan City. We have set up a joint polytechnic institute with Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp. We have a national key experiment base, a national key laboratory, an engineering research center for the Educational Department, 5 provincial key laboratories and two provincial key liberal arts bases for science and research. In the past 3 years, we have taken or held 327 such National, Ministry or Provincial Key Projects as National “Project 863”, National “11th 5-Year” Science and Technology Supporting Project, National Natural Science Fund. The total funds add up to¥356 million, with 42 projects awarded scientific rewards of ministry and provincial level, with 1 project awarded National Scientific and Technological Progress, with 5 projects awarded Ministry or Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress. We therefore have done special contributions to the local economic building and agricultural development. Thus we are honored by Hubei Province with the reputation of “Excellent Unit of Serving Hubei with Science and Technology”.

We take it as our core to nurture people of talents, firmly persisting in creative education, strengthening quality education, advocating combination of learning and doing, laying stress on individual development, paying more attention to bringing up the creative spirit of the students in order to raise talents with both noble morality and consummate skills. We hold on the central position of teaching and learning, trying actively to fit in with the needs of the economic building and social development. We promote reform in teaching and instruction. We are experimenting with flexible educational system, credit system, major-and-subsidiary system, double-bachelor degree system, so as to encourage students to have an all-around development. We have built two Model Special Fields of Study of National standard Level I, two Excellent Model Subjects of National standard, a National Model Center for Experimental Teaching, 8 excellent Model Special Fields of Study of provincial standard, 18 Excellent Model Subjects of provincial standard, 8 Provincial Model Centers for Experimental Teaching. We have established a perfect teaching system, with its teaching quality widely acknowledged. In the past three years, 93.44% of the school leavers from our university found jobs. Our students have been awarded many Top Grade Prizes in the National English Contest, the first prize for National Mathematic Building Model Contest, first prize for National College Student Intelligence Car Contest, first prize for National College Built-in System Design Contest, Gold Medal for “Cup of Challenge”---College Students' Design for Starting an Undertaking. Our students' delegation, “Climbers”, has won two world championships for FIRA, 6 national championships for FIRA. Our women's basket-ball has won championships in CUBA and National College Student Sports Meet.

Over the hundred years, our university has been firmly holding on the motto “Motivate Morality, Advocate Academy, Promote Pragmatism, and Impede Impetuosity”, developing an excellent style of schooling and learning. We have altogether produced more than 120,000 people of talents, who are holding important positions in such fields as politics, economy, science and technology, education, culture and medical science. Especially in the field of iron and steel, the most important roles as mainstays are being held by our graduates. Many alumni are either academicians of China's Engineering Academy, or experts and scholars, or members of leaderships of the Party and the Government, or CEOs, chief managers of national big corporations. Our university is honored as “Cradle for People of Talents in Iron and Steel and Metallurgy”.